Germain Demeulemeester M.D. has been a significant actor in the medical and pharmaceutical industry for over 20 years. Demeulemeester is an anchor of knowledge and experience in both medicine and business and actively involved in scientific research programs. As former ceo of socobom and now The Longevity Clinic he provides a strong input of creative vision, guidance and enduring strength towards the company, its team and its many partners.

Demeulemeester attempts to use his knowlegde and experience in medicine and business to transform the utopian attempts of science to reach longevity into what is an accessible reality.The Longevity Clinic is one of the many projects Demeulemeester hopes to establish in the future through the contributions of investors from all over the globe. The clinic will provide a range of services to men and women of all ages who wish to commit to a healthier lifestyle on a life-long basis. Scientific breakthroughs and new techniques will be applied in order to prolong life expectancy and preserve the natural capacities of the body.

All treatments will be based on the principles of integrative physiology. Cellular and molecular modifications effect the functioning of the human body in its entirety and therefore its regenerative capacity and physical appearance. Through the interdisciplinary and clinical approach as applied in the field of integrative medicine, The Longevity Clinic will offer both guidance and support to its customers, as part of a holistic service. The clinic will establish for each of its members a set of optimised and personalised lifestyle adjustments according to individual preferences. Through close follow-up these changes - incorporated into the clients existing lifestyle - will enable him or her to achieve challenging but realistic goals towards health, a longer life and improved well-being. Plans are to partially locate treatment and residence during recovery to luxury resorts abroad.

Specialismen:Medicine, Stomatology, Maxillo-Facial and Aesthetic Surgery, Anti-Aging, Longevity, Lifestyle Management, Innovation, Leadership

Founder and owner of The Longevity Clinic.