A: Damage and error theories.

(2 examples of 30 described)

  • Wear and tear theory
  • Rate of living theory
  • Cross-linking theory
  • Free radicals theory
  • Somatic damage theory

Free Radical Mitochondrial  Membrane theory.

(2 studies)

  1. Study conducted by Dr. G. Demeulemeester KULAK  2010, department of Molecular Biology IRC, assisted  by Prof.  Callewaert.

Keep your Power Plants OPEN, HAVE ENERGY

  1. Study conducted by Dr. G. Demeulemeester KULAK, department of Biochemistry IRC, assited by Prof. Debyser

Cellular synucleinopathy model, three compounds, NADH, Mecloxofenate and PQQ, by M.Gerard.

B:  Programmed Theories

  1. Neuro-endocrine theory
    (precursor) Hormone Replacement Therapy

  2. Hayflick theory : Programmed Longivity
    TELOMERASE Treatment

  3. Immunological theory
  4. Somatic DNA theory

    C: Psycho-social theory and non biological theory of anti-aging

    1. Activity theory (aging)
    2. Continuity theory
    3. Disengagement theory
    4. Selectivity theory (aging)